Appearance, the perpetrator of all illusion. Appearance becomes an illusion when you don’t feel good on the inside, and I stand firmly on that. 

My name is Rodney Beacham. I'm a native of Mississippi, now living in Atlanta. I work in law enforcement and I am the Founder and President of Limitless Protection Group (LPG), a private security firm. Still, I wanted to do something different to inspire people. I decided to start my own clothing brand focused on uplifting and increasing self-confidence.  
My brand name, "Fine King Friday", evolved from many experiences including my travels worldwide. In my travels, I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people and engulf myself in their cultures. These interactions have contributed to my growth and the decision to launch my brand.  
The foundation of my brand is built on the principle that we are all born as "Kings", and only our mindset and actions can reduce us to thinking something less. I acknowledge others daily through the use of the word King, with the purpose of uplifting and inspiring. When I see someone going through something, I will tell them, "you got this, King". When I cross paths with a person with great energy or someone moving with a purpose, I say, "I see you, King", because I want to project my positive energy with hopes that it will continue to flow on to others.  I am apart of a mastermind circle that challenges me to be better and have a more significant impact on the world than I did the previous week. Now, I challenge to you to be the epitome of "Fine King Friday", seven days a week on the inside and out!
We currently have hats available for purchase, and they are unisex, so we encourage our Queens to represent their King by wearing the brand.
I’m the epitome of “Fine King Friday”, sevens days a week on the inside and out.

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