"Royalty in my blood, King in my DNA"


Fine King Friday is a brand that uplifts and builds on the confidence instilled in men. Our brand gives men the assurance to take pride in their appearance, while embracing self-care, self-confidence, and self-love. We aim to normalize encouraging men to inspire each other to be prestigious and debonair. Fine King Friday also caters to our Queens who aid in supporting, elevating and implementing her King’s vision.   

CEO Rodney B.


Referring to a man as a King is a term of endearment to uplift and fuel self-confidence. Being a Fine King exemplifies his essence displayed through confidence and self-care. A man who takes pride in his appearance is ambitious, poised, and refined.

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WHY "fineKINGfriday"?

We were all born as Kings in some way or fashion, so we should carry ourselves as such. Although we were not born in "royalty", we can start it for our own families and generations to come. In addition, the energy that we exert into Fridays should be exerted into everyday of the week. Fine King Friday is beyond a day celebration, it is a lifestyle routine. A true man of confidence and stature is a allure who personifies and embodies being a Fine King Friday daily.   

“Emerge to appear like every day is your Friday, King”  



meet the CEO

My name is Rodney Beacham. I’m a native of Mississippi, now living in Atlanta. I work in Law enforcement and have my own security business but.... READ MORE

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